ARTIST OF THE WEEK:  William Vanscoy

William was born in San Mateo, California and discovered art through fifteen years of photography. He attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, and upon graduation, he moved to Los Angeles and opened a professional studio. In 2002, William made his final commercial photo, closed his studio and moved to Oregon. Over the last four decades, the equipment William uses and his basic artistic motivations have evolved. He believes his work represents part of his own intimate journey and experience, and attempts to convey similar feelings in the images he constructs.

Music has a way of touching the soul and bringing back memories.  Whether it was your first concert, a poster of your favorite band or the song you danced to at your wedding, each holds a special place in your heart.
Custom framing is the best way to always remember by serving as a daily reminder in your home.  An old record and concert tickets can be a great conversation piece, while your wedding photo and first song lyrics are a special and sentimental way to show your love for one another.

Music has a way of touching the soul and bringing back memories.  Whether it was your first concert, a poster of your favorite band or the song you danced to at your wedding, each holds a special place in your heart.

Custom framing is the best way to always remember by serving as a daily reminder in your home.  An old record and concert tickets can be a great conversation piece, while your wedding photo and first song lyrics are a special and sentimental way to show your love for one another.

Top Decorating Ideas For Your Business

The art on your walls says a lot about your company. It can also help create a positive work environment for your employees.  Do you have clients that visit your place of business? Put the finishing touch on your business décor and make a lasting impression.

Below are numerous ideas of things you may want to frame and display at your place of business.

  • Company certificates, magazine covers or articles, client works
  • Preserve company history:  Building blueprints, Founder’s autograph, First dollar earned
  • Shadowbox framing for important memorabilia, company awards or corporate emblems.
  • Original art, reproduction prints and photographs
  • Mounting and/or framing of presentation materials or signage

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Dan Ballard is an internationally known travel and landscape photographer from Colorado.  His images take you on a visual journey to some of the world’s most beautiful and far-reaching corners.  Dan has visited over 50 countries on five continents around the globe, and his work has attracted the attention and praise of some of the biggest names and companies in the photo industry.

Dan’s images have been on display around th U.S. in museums and galleries, and he has sold images to clients around the globe, including The National Geographic Society and The Travel Channel.  He is proud to be on the Mpix, Zenfolio and BlackRapic Pro Teams, and to have strong working relationships with the most trusted names in photography, including SanDisk, ThinkTank Photo, Nik Sofware, and Really Right Stuff.  His images have been published in magazines and calendars worldwide, and he has won or been a finalist in numerous prestigious competitions.  Large, framed prints of his work can be found at gift and furniture stores around the country.  Dan’s image “Let’erFly” was recently featured in a Smithsonian Channel episode on what makes an award-winning image.

Dan Ballard Photography

A Reflection of Good Taste

Custom framed mirrors are a timeless and elegant way to add style, light and sophistication to any space. They can serve to reflect light and brighten dark rooms, reflect and multiply a beautiful view, or visually expand a room to add depth and a sense of space.

At The Great Frame Up we’re happy to work with you to design a framed mirror in the exact size you need, with a design that fits your unique taste and style perfectly.

When considering a framed mirror, keep these tips in mind:

Because the frame is the only decorative element on a mirror, make a bold choice.  Feel free to use frames with exotic, bold or unusual finishes or designs.  They might overpower traditional artwork, but can serve as a great decorative accent on a mirror.


Mirrors are made with thick glass to avoid flexing and distracting distortions in the reflection.  Since they can be heavy, use a larger frame that will be able to hold the weight well.  A larger frame will also keep the mirror in balance and proportion.

When choosing a location to hang a mirror, carefully consider what it will reflect.  A mirror can reflect a window’s abundant light or a favorite piece of artwork, but it can also reflect a cluttered storage area.


Use mirrors to brighten and visually open up a small space.  They can reflect the light of a chandelier in a dining room or create the illusion of more space in a small area.

Mirrors can be practical.  Place one by your door to make sure you look great on your way out, or use a tall vertical mirror in the bedroom as a dressing mirror.

(Ganci Interiors)

Don’t feel obligated to hang a mirror on a wall.  One large mirror on the floor and leaned against the wall can set a modern, elegant tone.  A mirror can also be leaned on a shelf or mantel to serve as a backdrop for smaller framed artwork or decorative items.

If you need to fill a very specific space, such as over a fireplace or between two windows, be sure to let us know.  That way we can be sure the outside dimensions of the frame are exactly the size you need.

Our framing professionals are happy to discuss your needs and decorating preferences to create a framed mirror that’s a reflection of your personal style. Visit your local shop or our website for more information about our framing services.

Size Matters When Choosing Art For Your Home

Choosing the perfect piece of art for your home is no laughing matter! The art you choose should flow with the rest of the room’s aesthetic as well as balance out the space.  First and foremost, consider scale when selecting your art.


A large room with high ceilings will need a large piece of art, while small art should be selected for more intimate spaces where it can be appreciated up-close.  However, a large, bold piece of artwork can be an excellent focal point in a small room.


Before you go out looking for the perfect piece, be sure to write down the room’s dimensions.  And when you’re ready to start your art search, you can keep the room dimensions in mind.  Also, don’t forget, framing your new artwork will polish off the look, so be sure to seek the advice and expertise of a framing professional (Us!).

Happy Art Shopping!

Happy Birthday America!
American Pride - Together They Gave

Happy Birthday America!

American Pride - Together They Gave

How To Enhance Your Art with Bevels

A beveled mat around your photo or art is a standard technique for a streamlined, clean look in custom framing.  What is a bevel, you ask?  A bevel is the angled white edge you see where a mat board has been cut. It borders the opening for a photo or work of art to add a more finished look.

A single white bevel may not always be the best choice for a frame design; rather here are three alternatives to further enhance your piece. 

Reverse Bevels
With a reverse bevel, the angle is cut so that only the mat color shows, and while that is the simplest solution to avoiding the white, it can sometimes look unfinished.  If a reverse bevel looks unfinished, our framing experts may use a small type of frame called a fillet to enhance the image.

Colored Bevels
Sometimes a white bevel can be a distraction, so our designers may use colored bevels.  Older artwork such as maps or engravings tend to look great with cream-colored mat cores, while distractions can be reduced on pieces using colored mats with cores that match the mat color.

Painted Bevels
Painted bevels allow more flexibility.  They can create a pop of color for an accent or gilded to create a faux fillet effect or match any moulding or finish already in the design.

When you bring your artwork, photos and keepsakes to your local The Great Frame Up, these are just a few things our framing experts will consider when designing unique and creative framing for you.  Get inspiration for your next project by visiting us on Pinterest!

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Hilary Winfield

Hilary Winfield is an award-winning, innovative, contemporary fine artist, creating from both intuition and from the energy and inspiration that she absorbs from the world around her. Originally from Washington, North Carolina, she relocated to Portland, Oregon approximately ten years ago, awed by the amazing beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Winfield derives inspiration from the elements of the environment and from nature, including many unique aspects; weather, rusting metal, aging wood, water, dilapidated buildings, peeling paint, stones and rocks, the city lights at night. She notices magic everywhere, often in unanticipated places; from the surface of a body of water to the rustic, industrial warehouse floor of a manufacturing facility. The creative process for Winfield involves experimenting with various mediums and methods of infusing texture, iridescence and illumination into her work. Winfield’s art is internationally collected and lends a refreshing and energizing vitality while simultaneously portraying great depth and balance.

Create An Oasis At Home With Tender Shoots Green

A little bit of green.  A little bit of yellow.  This cheerful shade of green is perfect to add some zip to your summer.  Take the coolness of the green and brightness of the yellow to create a warm and airy oasis inside your home, or go contemporary with a bold and bright space.  Tender Shoots is also a great color to incorporate into your outdoor space in the form of seat cushions, placemats and plants.

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